Vicis - Zero 1

short film

Football helmets today are like cars from the seventies – hard shell, padding on the inside, good luck.

The most popular sport in America is in danger. The threat of football-related head trauma is more prevalent than ever before. It's a stark reality that is threatening the sport and the health of its athletes, current and retired. VICIS ("change" in Latin) is a Seattle startup, setting out to evolve the sport and reimagine the football helmet. This is the Zero1.

With this spot, used to reveal the revolutionary helmet, we needed to prove why this was the end-all solution to one of the biggest epidemics in America today. 

Impact Test


To launch a helmet that will change the game of football, you better have proof. In this case, proof comes in the form of an impact test. 

In collaboration with Blackmouth Design, we built a branded monolithic impact test and let the helmet do the talking. 

Data Narrative


This isn't only a sports story. It's rooted in science, medicine, and engineering. It requires motion graphic data and statistical visualization.

Projecting Technology


We wanted to show the tech practically. Exploded views are overdone. Conveying innovation that lives hidden inside of a sealed product... turn off the lights, turn on the projector.

Doug Baldwin


Wide Receiver
Seattle Seahawks

Tony Dorsett


Running Back
Dallas Cowboys

Roger Staubach


Dallas Cowboys

  • client VICIS
  • agency Cinco
  • executive producer Josh Beyer
  • executive producer Merritt Davies
  • producer Ryan Weilert
  • director Travis Hanour
  • dp Jeremiah Pitman
  • production design Blackmouth
  • production design David Jacobson
  • production design Brian Jones
  • editor Chris Jones
  • sound design Lance Limbocker
  • final mix Lance Limbocker
  • vfx FireLion
  • color George Costakis / Piñata Post
  • art director Matthew Gamlen
  • art director Carlos Maya
  • motion design nathan deceasar