Xfinity - MLB Pro Fan

director's cut

As innovation in sport allows the fan to get closer to the action – more cameras, more stats, more coverage – we start to see the lines blur between the pro and the pro fan. Everyone's an expert, consuming every pitch from multiple angles – and of course the expert analysis that will no doubt accompany it. Super deep stuff.

MLB is the first of three "Pro Fan" commercials for Xfinity Sports. 

  • client Xfinity Sports
  • svp, brand mktg. & comm. Peter Intermaggio
  • svp, mktg. & comm. Eileen Diskin
  • sr. director, mktg. comm. Gina Freeland
  • director, mktg. comm. Kira Karlstrom
  • manager, mktg. comm. Brian Mignone
  • agency DigitasLBi
  • evp, mktg. Todd Stanley
  • svp, group dir. mktg. John King
  • svp, creative director Jesse Vendley
  • account director Adam Clark
  • account manager Ivan Villafana
  • creative director Mike Ryniec
  • creative director Matt Cassatta
  • assoc. creative director Mike McConnell
  • senior producer Heather Metzger
  • business manager Marisa Palenzona
  • production The Cavalry Productions
  • director Travis Hanour
  • ep Ross Grogan
  • ep Tanya Cohen
  • line producer Matt Slater
  • prod. manager Hillary Weintraub
  • 1st ad John Scott Wilson
  • DP Max Goldman
  • 1st ac Walter Rodriguez
  • movi op Tom Wills
  • gaffer John Cardoni
  • key grip John Duvall
  • prod. designer Joe Cooney
  • wardrobe Linette DelMonico
  • hmu Michelle Beck
  • dc editor Travis Hanour
  • tvc colorist Tom Poole / Company 3
  • dc colorist George Costakis / Piñata Post
  • dc sound design Lance Limbocker
  • motion design Nathan De Ceasar