Born in Texas. Raised in Southern California. Now roaming up and down the Western Seaboard. Reading too much Murakami and Cormac. Watching too much Kurosawa and Tarkovsky. But more officially...

Travis Hanour is an award-winning filmmaker, whose work is characterized by a unique balance of meticulous imagery, carnal verity, and intelligently nuanced storytelling. Hailed as one of the most promising newcomers in film, Travis was recently named one of SHOOT Magazine’s 5 Up-and-Coming Directors. He attributes his wholistic style of storytelling to early roots as a graphic designer, then as an agency Creative Director.

From global ad campaigns and short films, to viral efforts and documentaries, Travis’ directorial experience spans a wide range of mediums and brands, having helmed creative efforts for brands like Nike, EA Sports, NFL, Jordan, Microsoft, Uniqlo, AMD, Intel, TaylorMade, Disney, and Sonos.