Dyne - Future Nomad

short film

Inspired by the idea of a "Future Nomad", the Woolmark Prize-winning, Portland-based label brings a fresh variety of men's sportswear looks for Spring/Summer 2019.


DYNE is the next progression in active attire. Created for the liminal world, and the demands of modern life. Inspiring individuals to exert their power and move effortlessly through a constantly changing world.

Dyne Bts 2
  • client DYNE
  • creative director / founder Christopher Bevans
  • dir digital content Ryan Bevans
  • dir creative ops Ayanna Bevans
  • asst brand mgr Moe Hayes
  • office mgr Mickey Rudolph
  • ep Nina Berg
  • ep Hannah Moore
  • production Monk
  • director Travis Hanour
  • producer Emily Hanour
  • producer Malia Murray
  • writer Travis Hanour
  • dp Jeremiah Pitman
  • 1st ac Jared Rogers
  • 2nd ac Erik Wallin
  • Swing Cody Curtin
  • hmu Patty Harding
  • post Monk
  • producer Emily Hanour
  • editor Travis Hanour
  • composer Jordan Krimston
  • sound design & final mix Jordan Krimston
  • color Piñata / George Costakis
  • talent
  • Stephen Harper
  • Christina Bevans