EA Sports - Madden NFL 18

director's cut

The next installment of EA Sports' Madden sees the game and its players becoming more real than ever. Not just in the way they manifest visually on your screen, but the way that their stories unfold. And since this is the most epic and narrative-based Madden to date, it deserved the most cinematic content to mark its launch.

Set against the words of Dylan Thomas, the biggest stars in the game take the field for a night battle.

Starring Tom Brady, Antonio Brown, and Josh Norman.

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  • client EA Sports
  • brand director Larre Sterling
  • director Travis Hanour
  • producer Merritt Davies
  • producer Emily Hanour
  • dp Jeremiah Pitman
  • 1st ac Leo Abraham
  • phantom tech Kyle Hoekstra
  • gaffer Greg Addison
  • key grip John Duvall
  • special fx Fred Buchholz
  • post production Monk
  • editor Travis Hanour
  • sound design & final mix ECHOLAB
  • sound designers Gavin Little, Joe McHugh
  • color Piñata Post / George Costakis
  • music Arvo Pärt
  • voice Dylan Thomas