Bethel - Seas of Crimson

music video

Synesthesia is a neurological phenomenon in which stimulation of one sensory or cognitive pathway leads to automatic, involuntary experiences in a second sensory or cognitive pathway. One form of synesthesia manifests itself by associating an individual's perception of numerals and letters with the experience of colors.

Marking the release of their new instrumental album, Synesthesia, Bethel Music approached me to create a visceral experience with their track, Seas of Crimson.

Anchored in the theme of synesthesia, we use dance, light, art, and most importantly color, to tell the story of growth within the self –  spiritual evolution.


Someone spoofed it! View the parody.



Expression and exposition through movement. 



Tone and narrative through lighting and cinematography.



Narrative cues and character arc through color palette.

  • client Bethel Music
  • creative director Kiley Goodpasture
  • content manager Lindsey Strand
  • producer Emily Hanour
  • director Travis Hanour
  • dp Jeremiah Pitman
  • 1st ac Jared Rogers
  • phantom tech Sean Rawls
  • gaffer Warren Yeck
  • key grip Kim Seidel
  • stylist Patty Harding
  • music Bobby Strand & Chris Greely
  • dancer Jessica Lind