Anki is not your typical toy maker. This bay area startup is run by a handful of Carnegie Mellon robotics savants and is set on changing the way that people of all ages view and interact with toys. Anki set out to merge the physical and the digital - toys with video games. They made their debut on stage with Steve Jobs during an Apple keynote.

In order to launch Anki Overdrive for its first holiday push, we sought out to show the social nature of the game. When the parent leave for the weekend, things get a little out of hand.

Invite enough people to create an Overdrive "thunderdome" in your entry way.

Bring in a DJ and clear a dance floor to get people moving. 

Add bubbles, glowing jewelry, a pool, and animal masks.

VFX . Previs


Now we add the product to the party.

VFX . Final


And now it's real product.

  • client Anki
  • executive producer Merritt Davies
  • line producer Robert Krass
  • director Travis Hanour
  • 1st ad Reginald Ingraham
  • dp Tim Orr
  • 1st ac Bill Coe
  • 2nd ac Trevor Carroll
  • b camera / steadi Matt Petrosky
  • dit Mike Kellogg
  • gaffer Johnathon Bradley
  • key grip Mark Polanski
  • production designer Hillary Gurtler
  • prop master Craig Rose
  • script supervisor Tracey Merkle
  • sound mixer Lori Weinhouse
  • wardrobe Wyman Chang
  • mua Emily Dawn
  • photographer Jake Michaels
  • editor Chris Jones
  • editor Travis Hanour
  • vfx FireLion
  • music Lance Limbocker
  • final mix Lance Limbocker
  • color Matt Fezz